Your new home is out there. Let's find it!

From searching, to touring, to making an offer, buying a home is an incredibly exciting and rewarding experience. But... it can also be a little frustrating and, at times, even a bit nerve-wracking. Which is why you need a smart, experienced and motivated Realtor to help you navigate the market (and keep your sanity in the process).

Enter Eva and Molly! Our skill and experience is out-shined only by our passion for getting you into your ideal home. No joke, we don't stop working for you until you're sending out housewarming invites to friends and family. So, if you're ready to realize your real estate dreams, we're ready to help. Let's do this!

Here's how we get the job done

  • We are true Seattle natives. When it comes to neighborhoods, schools, safety and commutes, we know the Seattle area inside and out. 
  • We work on your schedule. In this business, time is of the essence. If you want to see a house ASAP, we'll make it happen.
  • We stick to your budget. The best way to know your budget is to get pre-approved. If you haven't done so already, we'll happily connect you with the right people so you can confidently know you're shopping within budget.
  • We get creative in home search tactics. In our current market, inventory can be a challenge. If we can't find a home for you in the traditional ways, we'll get creative and start hunting off-market. At Croasdale Real Estate, everyone gets a home.
  • We are data-driven. If you like a home, we'll dive deep into market research so you're not guessing when you make an offer. The more we know, the more we can set you up for success. 
  • We'll help you make a winning offer. When it comes time to write up an offer, we'll advise you on the latest tips and tricks to give you an edge. We've even won offers when we weren't the highest bidder.
  • We work with you until you have keys in hand. Once your offer has been accepted, we'll walk you through all the logistics step-by-step until keys are in hand.

Home buyers love working with us (and the feeling is mutual)